What are Blood Diamonds?

Blood Diamonds

There are a lot of organizations around the world that strive to stop the


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manufacturing of blood diamonds. They say that human life is far more important than a simple jewel. Blood diamonds or conflict diamonds (as some people call them) originate in Africa where rebels force workers to mine them. Since they don’t mine the diamonds themselves but rather use the African population by forcing them to work in the mines; these diamonds got their reputation as blood diamonds.


Because diamonds are so rare and in such high demand their prices are exorbitant. The money accumulated for these diamonds are used to sustain and fund the wars between different countries from the same area. How would you react if you found out that the money you just spent on a diamond went to Africa to sustain the war between two countries? People literally die because of these diamonds – there is blood on them, hence the name.

Because of this reason all transactions regarding blood diamonds are illegal. The UN General Assembly had to make this decision in order to stop the murders of innocent people that were forced to work in those mines.


No one has any doubts regarding what gemstone has the supreme position in everyone’s eyes – diamonds. Even so, we cannot let other humans suffer and die for only a handful of these precious jewels. By stopping the mining of blood diamonds we can save precious human lives. That’s why if you want to purchase diamonds you should go to a certified supplier that will provide an anti conflict diamond certificate which has met the standards of the Kimberely Process. Only then can you be certain that your diamond is free of blood.